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About us

MoBetta Foods "She Put Her Foot In That"  represents the Love and Soul that's put into every meal we prepare. We want you to feel that in every meal that you taste from us. We want you to say dang "She Put Her Foot In That" after every meal you taste from US! 

MoBetta Foods "She Put Her Foot in That" Meal Prep came about from an idea of helping those who are seasoned "with age", who are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to their daily meals. Their nutrition is still important to keep them STRONG and WISE. That idea has been expanded to EVERYONE. We want to make meals that will better EVERYONES Health.

MoBetta Foods "She Put Her Foot in That" is about Lifestyle Changes but we are here to support your Diet as well.  We know that Food is medicine that we put in our bodies everyday. This medicine tells our bodies how to feel and how to react. Together we can take control of the medicine we take Daily.